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Print and broadcast journalism between India and the US. Range of stories include politics, conflict, social issues and society. 

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I had learned not to complain about ministers, politicians, police officers, and other sources routinely asking me to sleep with them, or blow vulgar kisses at me, or use a handshake to flagrantly pull me towards them.....


India has contributed to the greatest increase in unauthorized immigrants to the United States with a 914% increase since 1990. And the reason that the Congress went to war against Trump’s government is one that also impacts Indians......

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With the mandate by his side, Donald Trump has the US divided. A video feature on what this Presidency would mean for feminists, people of color, immigrants, minority and other groups.....


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It was a blinder of a case with no leads. The Mumbai Police, however, pieced together phone calls, money trails and pressure cooker handles to unravel the conspiracy behind the meticulously planned mayhem that killed 187......

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The Goa government on its part has said that it is actively working to cease all illegal mining activities. But NDTV's report shows that at least three mines have been cleared to illegally jut into wildlife sanctuaries.....


176 children have died of malnutrition in the tribal region of Melghat in Maharashtra in just five months. Melghat had shot to notoriety in the 1990s for child deaths. But why does this problem still persist?

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I swear I’m not racist but this is America,” tweeted Jessica Ayres on September 15 at 10.56pm. It was the exact moment when Nina Davuluri became the first Indian American to be 

crowned Miss America 2014....

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Behind Pune's real estate explosion is a familiar network of corruption and rule bending, involving some of its biggest politicians and biggest builders. Rules are bent beyond recognition to suit big developers and private individuals, court orders are violated....

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Israeli druglord Atala's connections with the Goa police exposed. A possible drug-cops nexus emerges in India's tourist state. 


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I was a prime time news anchor for one of India's biggest English news channels, Times Now. This is one news bulletin. 


As punishment is meted out to those guilty of the 1993 Mumbai blasts, the strategies India needs to employ to finally bring to book the mastermind behind the conspiracy....


Baring her anguish, Sanjay Dutt's first born, Trishala, speaks, exclusively, from her home in New York about her hopes and fears about his pardon. 


At a time of heightened tension between India and Pakistan, Kashmir is brought up at the United Nations General Assembly.  

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Scandals and mud-slinging have turned the presidential polls into an unseemly affair. Ghosts from a dubious past have come to haunt the upa candidate, putting both the congress and its allies in a tight spot.


The killing of a north Indian in the state of Maharashtra brings into focus the insiders versus outsider debate. Political parties, self-appointed spokespersons of the Maharashtrian cause claim that poor migrants from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar are taking away local jobs. What's the truth?

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