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Independent projects at various stages of production. 

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(Released: June 2021)


The story of a Muslim cleric, who stepped up to perform COVID funerals, when few others were willing to risk their lives for it - told between the Eids of 2020 & 2021. ​

This film was part of the #AsianAmResilience series commissioned by the Asian American Documentary Network, supported by CAAM, Ford Foundation, MacArthur Foundation, Sundance Institute, Visual Communications & WORLD Channel. The series aims to change the narratives surrounding Asian Americans as the communities battle racial violence and a pandemic.


(Short Documentary: In Post Production)

A four day trek to the glorious ruins of Machu Picchu through the Andes lays bare the stark inequalities that have transcended centuries in the Peruvian land. The film hears from a Quechuan trekking guide, Primo, who narrates the story of extraction from the time of the Incas until today.  

by prerana thalurdesai_edited.jpg

(Feature Documentary: In Development)

 Memento Mori (Latin for Remember, You Shall Die), is a film that captures the essence of the most honest truth of prevailing human existence  - that we will all, eventually, die. The film trespasses into the never before seen experience of dying - of that moment when one’s cessation is imminent.  Memento Mori takes place at the cusp of the memoirs of those who want to die and those who aren’t yet ready. It’s the veritable conflict that paves way to understanding our fear of death, experiences of the final stages of dying, and the loss felt by those we will leave to grieve.

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