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Documentary style impact films and explainer videos.


This film traces the impact of the televesion show, Mai Kuchh Bhi Kar Sakti Hoon in creating awareness about sex education in rural India.

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Story of the women from  a village in the Indian state of Bihar who work towards empowering young girls and women in their village. They have now evolved into a self-help group that discusses & tries to solve issues that the women face to ensure that no woman gets left behind.

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A Brooklyn school program creates aspirations in kids to do better. 

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In central Indian village, 21-year-old Ladkuwar Khushwaha set an example by becoming the first girl from her village to become a college graduate. This is her journey from a small government school in her village to her college.

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A whiteboard animation video that explains how the Scandent company prevents loss of items in nursing homes.   

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Design-driven children's news shows that aims to solve issues in low income communities in the US.  

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The Men of Chhatarpur (northern India) spread the message of women’s empowerment through their songs. They are empathetic partners, encourage their wives to work, and take pride in sharing responsibilities at home. This is their story.

The girls of Haridya, a small village in eastern India, change the story of menstrual health and sanitary pads in their village. 



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People of Nawada, a small region in eastern India, come together to flip the sanitation story in their villages. 

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Story of the firebrand, Nirma Devi. In a region where talk of sex is a taboo, especially for women, Nirma Devi fearlessly advocates for safe sex.  

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Even though she was a child bride, Rita Devi taught herself and her daughter Shilpi about menstruation, sex education, nutrition and the importance of sexual health. They are now the source of information on these issues that young girls and women of the village can rely upon. 

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A group of young girls in Nawadih village in northern India are on a journey to spread awareness about contraception and family planning in their village.

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